price list

Moth and Moon 2017 Wrap Price List 

EC warp: $145 cad/meter

Tussah Warp: $165 cad/meter

long threading or treadling sequence:  additional $25 cad/ meter

Weft Choices

MB Cotton no additional charge

EC Cotton:  additional $13 cad/ meter

Tencel: additional $7 cad/ meter

Wool: additional $25 cad/ meter

Noil Silk:  additional $25 cad/ meter

Alpaca Silk: additional $25/meter

Tussah silk: $45/meter

Seacell: $35/meter

Stellina Merino/silk sparkle:  additional $35/meter


Sea Isle Cotton: $50 cad/meter

Silverspun cotton/tussah:$40 cad/meter

Dye Services
Painted warp: $65 cad/meter
Painted weft: $60 cad flat rate
Solid tub dye weft: $40 cad flat rate
Grad dye weft: $60 cad flat rate
Speckled: $85 cad flat rate
Painted and speckled weft : $150 cad flat rate

Vat dyeing in bulk: please inquire
Fringe: $50 cad/side

All wraps are hand woven and are subject to having specific “quirks” such as bobbin changes and warp repairs. These are not considered errors, and are normal for hand woven fabric. Moth and Moon wraps do not typically have hemmed rails, thus bobbin changes will be visible in the fabric. I do my very best to find and repair all skips and other irregularities in the fabric before finishing and sending to you.

Wraps come wet finished and ready to wear.

Wraps should be washed on cold, delicate and air-dried, or tumbled dry on low heat unless otherwise specified on the label.

Shipping, returns, etc – Moth and Moon does not cover customs fees or duty costs; those are solely the responsibility of the customer. Customer acknowledges that Moth and Moon is located in Canada. All items are shipped with tracking and insurance. If an insurance claim is filed for a package, a refund will be issued to the customer after the insurance claim is paid by the shipping company. It is illegal to lower the declared value of items on custom declaration forms below the amount paid; Moth and Moon retains the right to cancel the sale of a wrap if the customer insists on a lower price being declared. All shipping fees are nonrefundable for any reason, and the return shipping and fees associated with the item’s return for any package is the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand by the customer and Moth and Moon. Moth and Moon reserves the right to withhold a restocking fee on any returned item. Due to the nature of custom products, items that are refused or abandoned at delivery for any reason are non-refundable at the discretion of Moth and Moon. Returns, refunds and/or repairs will not be accepted without first discussing the matter with me. Any and all warranties, guarantees and or product promises are nontransferable and are only valid for the original purchaser as listed on the mailing address. Once the item is no longer in the original owner’s possession for whatever reason, any and all warranties, guarantees and or product promises are hereinafter void. If the original owner sells or passes the item on to another person, Moth and Moon cannot be held responsible for the condition of the item at that time and cannot guarantee the safety or condition the item is in.